Monday, 6 January 2014

reflection of last day of orientation

Today was a really interesting and exciting day for most of us since we played the most games today although it may also be the most tiring. We had lots of interesting games and activities such as the amazing race and it also included some games and showdowns such as the sponge fight and extreme RPS,etc. However the most fun game to most of us was probably the sponge fight where we had to only use selected colours of sponges and hit the opponent's newspapers. The team with the wettest newspaper would lose. However since we could not get across to the other team's newspaper in the end we had a showdown where we had no outs and we could just smash our sponges into the opponent's newspaper. However from the other team there was some weirdo from the other class who just tore our newspaper out and started mopping the floor with it. So when the PSLs saw that, they immediately disqualified the other team and we won(Yay!).
In all, the orientation was the best as we had lots of fun and i would give it a rating of ten out of ten!:)

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