Saturday, 4 January 2014

second day of orientation [reflections]

Hi!I feel that the second day was much more fun and exciting day for me as compared to day one. I also got to know my classmates more in the activities. I learnt that teamwork and trust is very important. Lets take the game ' minefield ' as an example. If we do not trust our partner, we would have failed the task.

However, I feel that in the ' drop the egg game ' , not everyone was given the chance to participate. Let alone voice out our ideas. I think that we should all be split into smaller groups so that there would be a chance for everybody to take part.

In the high elements, I had fun in what I believe was the ' 12 meter above ground course ' that the instructors was talking about. I did not have any fear of heights, but perhaps it is because of the wind that made it scary. I was up in the course with Arthur , and i think both of us did pretty well as both of us completed the course together.

However, I learnt that while having fun, we should not neglect the respect for our PSLs and disregard what they tell us to do. Take throwing the pebbles as an instance. Our PSLs told us to stop but we did not, causing us to be scolded in the ISH.

Overall, I think that it is quite a fun day, but we can behave better on the third day.

Stanley Yeo

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