Friday, 3 January 2014

Reflections for Day 2

On day 2 of my life on SST, there were some ups and downs. I loved the part where we played the mine field. I had to coordinate with my partner,Santosh, as I was blindfolded and Santosh had to tell me where to go.

Next I loved the "Drop the egg" because we had to work together and figure out an plan not to make the egg crack when it is dropped from the 4th storey, but some of the students including me did not have the chance to voice our ideas. I think what the PSLs should do is split us up into groups and we can have more space to voice our ideas.

After that, we went to the high elements and Yong Xiao(I am not sure if i spelt it correctly) and I went together on the first course and we were set with a challenge and because of that we were the fastest. Then, when we reached the school, ISH we were given an unexpected reprimanding although I did not throw pebbles, i did not give respect to my fellow classmates and PSLs. 

Overall, i think that i could have given respect to everyone.

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