Thursday, 2 January 2014

My reflections

After today's activities, I learnt planning and sacrificing for victory is very important. In the "standing on the other side of the mat" game, I learnt that we should plan thoroughly before we immerse in any game or challenge. 

I believe that we can be more enthusiastic than today. I believe that because today is the first day of school, everyone is quite sleepy from waking up early today. To be honest, I was quite sleepy from waking up early. I believe that we could have pushed to our full potential and participate in a more enthusiastic manner. 

In the ice-breaking activities, I learnt my classmates' names and hobbies. It was quite awkward for me because it takes probably about 1 week or so to settle in the new environment let alone remembering names.

Overall I think that today was a enjoyable day for me and i hope that tomorrow will be an enjoyable day.

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