Saturday, 4 January 2014

2nd day of orientation

Today, it was the second day of the orientation. I felt that the activities today were more fun and thrilling when compared to the day before. Today, one of the important moral lesson we learnt through the activities was trust. We had to trust our friends in the game `minefield' and even when our friends were helping us to belay during the high elements.

In the`Drop the egg game', we managed to drop the egg from the fourth floor without breaking it. However, I felt like team work and co-operation was missing during the game. Hope it will not be happening again.

During the high elements, Jianing encouraged me throughout the  course. Though I was not scared of heights, the surface was slippery which made me a little nervous.

As a whole, I had a wonderful time today and eagerly waiting for  Monday's activities.

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