Monday, 6 January 2014

Reflections for Day 3

Today, I had a lot of fun. When I came to SST this morning, I came quite early so I had to spend my time reading book until I was permitted to enter. After assembly, 07 was told that photo taking was commencing shortly. So, I tided my hair and tried to look smart. Then, we had to change to the orientation T-Shirt and the S&W shorts.

After some time, we vaguely got to know some information about the badge night and the rehearsal on Wednesday. Then we were thoroughly briefed about the amazing race. Then we went to the multi purpose hall after Pranav deciphered the letters which were jumbled up. In the MPH, we played three games:Find me, Numbers and a game about the chairs.
In find me, Arthur knew the places and told the names of the places.Good job Arthur! Then in numbers, we worked together to select our register number on the floor. Then in the game about chairs my group was very confused and Jeremy helped us win. After the multi purpose hall, we went to the atrium and played a game about throwing sponges to the opponent team. We played against 02 and they cheated by tearing the newspaper from the chair and "mopped' the extremely wet floor with it. A PSL saw it and so they were disqualified.

After a few more games, we went to the MPH to know our results and we were third in the point system.Hooray!! OUR prize was some biscuits and chocolates. Tomorrow we are starting the admin work. Hope tomorrow goes well. 

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