Friday, 3 January 2014

Reflections for 2nd day

Today was just as interesting and exciting as the first day although there were some unexpected unfortunate events that happened at the end.
We played quite a few games such as "Drop the egg" and "minefield" and also participated in the high elements. I preferred the high elements and "minefield" as we managed to demonstrate teamwork although it was tough trying to do so as we had to pull the strings to prevent the people up there from falling and we also had to spot them when they were coming down. As for the game "minefield", we had to get into pairs and then blindfold one person and then direct him to the other end with only communicating through words. So, we had a lot of fun trying to tell our pairs where to go and getting the message across.
However at the end of the day when we were back at ISH, we had gotten reprimanded as we had forgotten to show respect when we were at the high elements venue and some of us were playing with the rocks on the floor and just walking around. After today, we had learnt that we must have respect for others around our school, especially the teachers and PSLs.

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