Friday, 3 January 2014

Day 2 of Orientation Reflections

Today the event Planned was a team bonding High Elements Activities. When it was our turn to go up to the course we had to pick a partner to go up with and complete the course together.

So when it was my turn to tackle the course it was a bridge made of few wooden planks and held together by a metal cable I was well, scared as I had a fear of heights when I was young. Well... not really I don't know if it is the same thing but I'm just afraid to fall.

When my partner and I were up high in the course I of course felt teriffied but even so I tried to take one step by one step but halfway along the bridge, I was asked to stop and wait for him but once I stop I was more scared than ever because I was unstable and was shaking the bridge. However when my partner caught up and held my shoulders the bridge became stable and I found that that was the reason that we made it to the end.

After My Partner and I completed the circuit, I had a great sense of achievement as I would usually not complete the course. When my class's PSL debriefed us and the blayers and thing she said caught my attention

"You know that the course and the participants actually mean something?"
"You represents you and the bridge represents the journey of life where there will be ups which are the parts of the bridge that were easy to walk on and the downs in life which are the gaps in the bridge. You must preservere to the and but you will reach your goal (end of the course) faster or smoother with the help of your partner which represents your friends/family or your own strong will to support you till the end. The blayers are like your friends which are there only when you most need them (when you fall of the course) and protect you."
I found that that was my takeaway from that day of Orientation

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