Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reflection for the second day of orientation

The second day of the orientation was fun.I got to learn a lot of things during that day.In SST,we learnt to work as a class and found victory in some of the things that we had to do.We got to know that we need to have the right values when doing class discussion especially teamwork and communication.Without this two things,nothing is a success.Then we went to the high elements place.There,i only went on the highest high elements.First i was a little scared and decided to try it out at the last but i was the first.When i was do that high element. I fell .Then the PSL asked  me about what are the ropes and all the helpers are in my real lives.I told her that they were my parents,teachers,friends and relatives.They always help me  in my life.But I got to learn a lot of things  during the second day of orientation .

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