Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reflections for 2nd day of orientation

The 2nd day's activities were quite interesting. We played a game called minefield. That game was for us to trust our partner who led us through an obstacle course only by using their voice. If we did not trust our partner, we would go by our own instincts and fail the activity. Then, we played egg drop. It required us to drop an egg from the 4th story to the 1st without cracking. That was very fun as we used most of our resources to drop the egg to the 1st floor without cracking and it was an achievement to us as our idea was very bad. Lastly, the high elements. That was the activity that tired me out but was fun. Being a belayer is no joke as the person on the high elements life is in your hands. When I was doing the high elements with Asher, I was so scared my whole body trembled but with Asher's companionship I managed to calm down a little and complete the course.
Overall, I learnt from the 2nd day that trust and teamwork is very important.

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