Saturday, 4 January 2014

The second day of orientation was very fun.We got to play different types of games.But i felt that some of the class mates including myself did not participate as much as we hope to. We did not get a chance to voice out our ideas,when we were playing the egg game. We were drowned out by others ,but I will try my best to be heard next time.The <mind field> game was very scary as it was based on trust. We have to trust our friends whom we are only beginning to get acquainted. Integrity and honesty were also tested. We had to play by the rules of the game, even when no one was watching. The "High Elements" activity was not for the faint hearted or those who are afraid of heights. Like myself. The acrophobia in me, meant, i did not go first. I was in fact the last to go, after witnessing my friends completion. my friend Megan and I, overcame our fears and successfully completed the obstacles. When done, we felt accomplished as we thought that we could not make it at the inception. When we got back to school, we got a scolding from a PSL. He reprimanded all the Secondary One students for showing lack of respect to the trainers and that we were unruly and ill-disciplined,as some of us kicked the gravels. I felt that as a whole, the new secondary one students did not expressed their full respect and gratitude to the PSL who have been hard at work to make this orientation a success. I for one needs to make up for this in the coming days. After the debrief, there are a few things i want to improve. Namely, punctuality, responsibility, and discipline.

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