Monday, 6 January 2014

Last day of orientation

Hey, today was a really tiring day for me,we had a game called the amazing race,had our picture taking and learnt more about teamwork.In the amazing race we played alot of fun games like a sponge battle(we had to throw wet sponges at each other and wet our opponents newspaper to win) in this game i learnt about honesty and sportsmanship a lot of people were hit by a sponge which eliminates them from the game but many people just played on, and when both classes called each other 'loser'. I really think i should reflect about this because i was one of them who called the other case 'loser'.
  For most of the other games we were fine but the last game was probably really wet. We played RPS  and the winner can pour a cup of water over the loser. We went mad and splashed water everywhere and it was really fun!In all i think today was awesome and although i am sad orientation is over i am still happy because our sec 1 life is really beginning.

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