Monday, 6 January 2014

The lat day of orientation

Today was the most enjoyable day at all.Today we had The Amazing Race and it includes some of the games such as sponge fight,blow it,tap tap and many more.The best game was the sponge fight.We had to throw (wet)sponges at the other class which was our enemy.I did a headshot!!!!!Yes!!!Then we had this 1 minute wear there is no out in the game.So upon hearing that,a boy from the other class came to where our newspaper was.He then took the newspaper and tore it apart and mopped the floor with it.(Weird?????)So we were the winners.Happy happy.Then we got ourselves wet.But i wasn't wet(ok i was wet a little).So to conclude,the orientation was fun.I wish i could give the orientation a ratting of 10 or even a 100.

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