Thursday, 2 January 2014

Reflection For Day 1

I had fun during the ice breakers and station games that were planned for us today. It really helped everyone get to know each other better and I got to make some new friends. Most of the games were to strengthen and exercise our teamwork, patience and integrity. The teachers and PSLs did a great job at planning the games and leading/guiding us from station to station. However I have to admit, some games were really awkward(especially since we barely know each other), like the fold the mat and pass the ball with a spoon games. On the other hand, we could have been more enthusiastic and participate more in order to make the games more enjoyable. Now that we know each other better, I believe that we can do better in being more enthusiastic tomorrow in the high-elements, which I am really looking forward to. -Sharmela C.S.

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