Monday, 6 January 2014

Third day of orientation (reflections)

Hi! Today is the last day of orientation and I think that today is the most exciting out of the three days! Today was the amazing race, so we got to challenge other classes. today we played many games, for example sponge fight, blow it , tap tap and much more.

I think that the best game of all is the sponge fight. Why? Because we get to throw the wet sponges at the other class ( which is S1-02 ) and moreover we won. I think that it was because of the fact that a student from the other class tore our newspaper apart and because it is against the rules and therefore we won.

Today, I think we behaved better than Friday as most of us listened to the PSLs. However I think that there is still room for improvement.

Overall, I think that today is a fun and exciting day.

Cheers, Stanley Yeo

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