Monday, 6 January 2014

Reflections For Day Two Of The Orientation

Today I had a very exciting day. Today’s games are to bond the class. I think that it has achieve its objective. I have learnt to trust my friends more.

An example of the need to trust our friends is during the Minefield game. We have to trust our partners to lead us to the end of the classroom as we are blindfolded. Another example of the need to trust our friends is during the belaying for the high elements. During the high elements, my progress was very slow at first as I was scared of heights., then after my friend, Donovan encouraged me I managed to complete the course. At first, I was not scared at all as I have completed the high elements course at Safra Yishun and I have completed multiple high element courses in school but when I went up my legs started shaking and I knew my confidence had abandoned me and my phobia was back. I think that during the Drop the Egg game, the PSLs could have improved it by splitting us into five smaller groups and have a competition and give us lesser materials to protect the egg.

Matthaeus Choo

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