Monday, 6 January 2014

Last day of reflection

Today was the best day out of the three days of orientation.We had an amazing race  which all the classes had to participate.The first game was quite easy but we took a few times to complete the task.We then head on to play a game where we had to find out where the place in the picture was.It was quite easy for us as Arthur knew his place around the school well.Then,we played the game Spongefight against s1 02.The two classes threw sponges at each other but the real main objective was to destroy the opponent's newspaper.In the end,our class won as one of the PSLs saw students from S1 02 moping the floor with our newspaper  and they were disqualified-_-.We went to outside the ISH to play Xtreme RPS.I won for all the rounds and in the end when everyone splashed water at each other,I was not wet at all as I went away from all the action :D.

I would never forget this 3 days of enjoyment I had with my PSLs and my new class mates :D

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