Thursday, 30 January 2014

Homework-30 Jan 14

Today's homework:-nil-(please refer to earlier posts for more information about what to hand up next week)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Homework-29 Jan 14

Today's homework:Science:Watch videos in Science Blog
                                             Complete worksheet page 11-12.
                               English:Complete adjective worksheet(due next lesson)
                                            Finish personal narrative.(Due tomorrow)
                               ADMT:Finish computerised version of logo and prepare keynote presentation.Due next lesson.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Homework-28 Jan 14

Today's homework:Math:Viva voce activity(to be handed up next friday)
                                Science:Finish reading notes on nutrients.
                               English:Personal recount(to be handed in on Thursday)

Monday, 27 January 2014

Homework-27 Jan 14

Today's homework:Science:Transport in Humans Homework(To be submitted tomorrow.)
                                IH:Finish uploading Chapter 1 to 3 onto the IH google sites.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


How to do the homework? I do not understand. Can anyone help me by replying.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Homework-24 Jan 14

Today's homework:Math:Read up on the difference between decimals and significant figures.(Due on         Monday.)
                                S & W:Upload videos of examples of warm up for sport events chosen by each house.
                               English:Finish worksheet on characteristics.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Homework-23 Jan 14

Today's homework:IRS:Research paper on topics chosen by various groups.
                               ADMT:Digitise the logo and the the process of making the logo.
                               IH:Share Topic 3 Fieldwork with group mates.
                               Math:Fill in content page for file.Bring math file tomorrow.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Do not do the Math review. Doing it is optional. I also apologise for not telling you what to do.

Math Rep.

Homework-22 Jan 2014

Today's homework:Science:MCQ q.7-10.
                                             Short q.4
                                             Long q.1
                                Math:Finish Topic 1 Review worksheet.
                                English:Finish Personal narrative Worksheet.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Homework 21 Jan 14

Today's homework:Math:Four Operations for Rational  Numbers Classwork Tier B.Due tomorrow.
                               I & E:Make keynote presentation for Steve Job's seven principles.(one per                               group)Due next Tuesday.
                               English:Complete Error Analysis S107(due tomorrow)
                               S & W:PREPARE Video of stretching for the 5 stations to be uploaded on s and w blog.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Homework-20 Jan 14

Today's homework:page 28 topic 2.
                               Show examples of the 3 arithmetic laws which prove and disprove them.
                               Corrections for class work tier A,B and C.(All are due tomorrow.)
Admin:Bring report book tomorrow.
            Hand in acknowledgement slip to Lisantra by Thursday morning.
            Hand in CCA option form to Ting Hao by next Monday.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I can't attach my Keynote file into email

Hello everybody, I have a problem. I can't attach my Keynote file into my email. The gmail says "Attachment Failed" everytime I try to attach a keynote file. Anybody has the same problem? Please help me.

Friday, 17 January 2014

What Logo must we complete for ADMT??

Homework-17 Jan 14

Today's homework:English:List down examples of responsible and irresponsible blogging.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Homework:16 Jan 14

Today's homework:English:Complete pictochart.
                                Science:Finish Science Worksheet by tomorrow.
                                             Do keynote research on cells.
                                              Post photo of cell model on the science blog.
                               ADMT:Complete logo.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Homework:15 Jan 14

Today's homework:ADMT:Draw sketch of your face on sketch book.
                                            Finish the drawings on lines.
                               Science:Complete Science worksheet.
                               English:Complete Chinese Cinderella Quiz @ class badges.
                                            Mark breathing spots for Practice Poem.
Sorry for posting late.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Homework:14 Jan 14

Today's homework:English:Read Practice Passage 2 and locate breathing spots and consonants.
                                I & E:Write I & E statements for respective groups.
                                Math:Do page 16 & 17(located at bottom of page).

Monday, 13 January 2014

Class relay matters

I do not have a mobile phone, so is it possible to use any other way to relay the class emergency message?

Homework-13 Jan 14

Today's homework:Math:Corrections for Topic 1:Prime Factorisation
                               Science:Worksheet:Cells-Structure,Functions and Organisation-Page 6 and 7.

Class Relay System

Please get into groups of 5 and
Appoint a leader whom will text all of you in event there is a Class Emergency message to be sent to all of you.

Leaders please make sure you have everyone's contact number and home number and
inform Ting Hao & Lisatra and they will update accordingly on a google spreadsheet.

Please make this class effort by Thursday.


Parent's Email needed

Students of the following, please remind your parents to update their email addresses on SDM by this week, thank you.


Class Committee

Dear Class,

Take note of your roles in the class after volunteering last friday.:)

Chairperson CHONG TING HAO
Sub-Committee Members  
Welfare/ Service Learning Coordinator SIM LIP YANG JEREMY
Welfare/ Service Learning Coordinator SHARMELA CASTILLO SUNDARARAJAN
Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador KALIRAJ SANTOSHRAJ
Cyber Wellness / Media Literacy Ambassador PRANAV MANIKANTAN
NE Representative TAY ASHER
NE Representative KHO SOCK HUI
NE Representative MEGAN KONG SI YING
Environment Rep ALDEN OH JUN XIN

Subject Representatives
Math Rep Donovan & Matthaeus
Integrated Humanities Rep TAN YONG ZIAB
HML/ML Rep -
ADMT Rep  

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Homework-9 Jan 14

Today's homework:Math:Finish topic 1 pg.7,8 and9.
                               Science:Make model of cell and present to class to class next Thursday.
                                            Take a look at virtual microscope.
                                            Watch videos on Health Science subject blog.
                                            File notes into Science file.
                               IH:Write on IH eJournal.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Reflections For Day Three Of The Orientation

Today I had a disappointing day. Today I left school early for an operation at KKH. Then when I got there. I was informed that I had to take a check up there. The doctor found out that I have cough and advised me not to go .What a waste of time! If I had known having a minor cough that would not allow me to undergo the operations, I would have not left early but went for the amazing race.

Matthaeus Choo


Today's homework:ADMT:Create Edmodo account.
                                            Bring sketch pad.
                               Science:Bring science file.(red)
                                            File Lab Info pack into file.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Classbadges registration code

Here is the registration code for the class badges.

     KIW7JR54 .

Scribe of the day 7 January 2014

7 January 2014

  Hello everyone! As I did not hear correctly on whether to post for today or the day after tomorrow or to post on the class blog or english blog, I will post it here.

  Today, we talked about obtaining Class Badges. There are a total of 5 badges to earn, such as 'Reading And Writing', 'Insightful Commenting' and 'Proficient Reading'. If you earn more than a certain number of badges, there will be a reward at the end of the term.

  Today's tasks and homework:
1. Register for a Class Badge account. You may do so at .
2. Buy the book 'Chinese Cinderella' and finish reading it by next Monday. (13 January 2014 )

Important: I was told by my classmates that we could not register for a Class Badge account as we needed a registration code.  If you are able to do so, please Whatsapp at the class group.

Jianing >.<
HI Guys! I need you to bring $2.35 for the booklet. Exact amount would be appreciated. thanks! please leave a comment after you see this post.

Stanley yeo, the treasurer

Last day of orientation's reflections

The last day of orientation was quite fun. We played "Amazing Race", a compilation of different games. In the Multi Purpose Hall, we played 3 games. We played a game to know the school better as the game required us to identify spots in the school. We played another game which required us to use our brain. Jeremy did a very good job on the strategy of the game. We had to move ourselves to a flipped position which was quite challenging to the other group but with some help the problem was solved. The third game required us to touch numbers in a boundary where only one person can enter at a time. The game required us to complete it in the shortest time possible. We restarted the game several times but soon we got the hang of the game and completed in a very short time. Then we played a game which needs us to throw sponges at the opposition team's newspaper. It was really funny as when we had no boundaries, the opposition team took our team's newspaper and used it to "mop" the floor. In the end our team won, due to their disqualification. Lastly, we played Xtreme RPS. We played rock paper scissors then the winner splashes the cup of water at his opponent. I was drenched but the game was enjoyable.
Overall, the last day of orientation was fun, and I am inspired to be a PSL who helps out at Sec 1's orientation.


         Today's homework:S & W:Keynote on Do s &Don'ts on respective group's chosen                     sports.
         English:Purchase 'Chinese Cinderella'.(Finish reading by next week.)
                             Register for class badge
         Health Science:Finish online quiz if yet to be submitted.
                                               Research:Bloom's Taxonomy
        Math:Finish up page 5 and 6 for Unit 1.
        Admin:Bring $2.35 and pass the money to the treasurer.
                           Fill in consent form for dental treatment and pass to the Chairman by Thursday.
        I & E:Presentation on the meaning of innovation.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Reflection for Day 3

My day did not really start out that great as I got stuck in a traffic jam and was really late for school(I arrived at 9 and got the "pink slip"). In order to arrive punctually, I have to manage my time better(since I always slack in the morning) and take the train. Anyways, I did have fun during the "amazing race". Though our class did not win 1st place, we arrived in 3rd which is still an achievement(yay good job everyone). During the past few days, my classmates and I have gotten to know each other better and I feel much more comfortable around them compared to day one. I have learnt a lot from the PSLs and teachers from the three days of orientation and would like to thank them for everything they have done. 

reflection day 3 -last day of orientation.

Today was a rather exhausting but fun day. We played a game called amazing race . It comprised many different games of which the < loop the hoop>and <Xtreme RPS> were my favourite. In the end, we got 3rd. I had lots of fun with my friends today and I certainly got to know my classmates much better. I would like to thank the PSL s for taking care of us during the three-day long orientation.

Reflections For Day Two Of The Orientation

Today I had a very exciting day. Today’s games are to bond the class. I think that it has achieve its objective. I have learnt to trust my friends more.

An example of the need to trust our friends is during the Minefield game. We have to trust our partners to lead us to the end of the classroom as we are blindfolded. Another example of the need to trust our friends is during the belaying for the high elements. During the high elements, my progress was very slow at first as I was scared of heights., then after my friend, Donovan encouraged me I managed to complete the course. At first, I was not scared at all as I have completed the high elements course at Safra Yishun and I have completed multiple high element courses in school but when I went up my legs started shaking and I knew my confidence had abandoned me and my phobia was back. I think that during the Drop the Egg game, the PSLs could have improved it by splitting us into five smaller groups and have a competition and give us lesser materials to protect the egg.

Matthaeus Choo

Reflections For Day One Of The Orientation

Today I had a fun filled day as there were many interesting activities. I have made many new friends from different schools today. I learnt that we need to have teamwork and that teamwork was also important for us to succeed. I also learnt that we must sacrifice something to obtain victory and I understood the importance of communication.

I think that we could have been enthusiastic during the ice breaker and that PSLs (Peer Support Leaders) could improve the game by letting us introduce each other before the game and giving us time to remember the names before we start. I think that we could have managed to finish the game < Flip The Mat > if we had spent more time strategising and planned our time well.

I hope that the High Elements tomorrow would be very fun!

Matthaeus Choo

Reflections (Day 3)

Today we played the "Amazing Race". It comprises of many different fun and interesting games. I think my favourite game today was "Xtreme RPS". In the game,we had to play "Scissors, paper and stone".The winner would get to splash water at the loser. I won once and lost once too,thus I got kinda wet. Our class also came in third for the point system  activity with the third highest score. I really enjoyed myself today and I am sad that this fun orientation has to come to an end. I would like to thank the PSLs for planning this fun and enjoyable orientation programme for us. Thanks ^^

Last Day SST Orientation

         Today on the last day of orientation, we played "The Amazing Race". My favourite game was the "extreme rps". We had to play scissors paper stone with  someone from our class. The winner gets to splash water at the loser and at the final round, the wet people get to splash water at the dry people and the cup could be re-filled. I won the first two round but in the last round, I got drenched. At the end of the day, we had a "prize ceremony" where the winners of "The Amazing Race" will get prizes. For overall performance, our class got third. I think we did well and felt a sense of achievement today. Overall, today was the best day of the 3 days orientation in SST. I hope classes would be fun too.

Third day of orientation (reflections)

Hi! Today is the last day of orientation and I think that today is the most exciting out of the three days! Today was the amazing race, so we got to challenge other classes. today we played many games, for example sponge fight, blow it , tap tap and much more.

I think that the best game of all is the sponge fight. Why? Because we get to throw the wet sponges at the other class ( which is S1-02 ) and moreover we won. I think that it was because of the fact that a student from the other class tore our newspaper apart and because it is against the rules and therefore we won.

Today, I think we behaved better than Friday as most of us listened to the PSLs. However I think that there is still room for improvement.

Overall, I think that today is a fun and exciting day.

Cheers, Stanley Yeo

My Reflection For Day 3 Of Orientation

  Today was tiring and fun at the same time!

   I was almost late for school today, as it was raining and there was a heavy traffic jam. I will wake up earlier for school tomorrow.

  When we went to class, we were given some info on the Badge Night Ceremony and the rehearsal for it. After that, we had the Amazing Race. We had to go to many stations.

(Note: The things stated are not in order)
  We went to the Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) to play a few games: Find Me, Numbers, and a chair game. For the game Find Me, we were supposed to name the place of the picture or the question the PSL gave us.

In the game Numbers, all of us were supposed to tap a number in ascending order. We all lined up in our index number and proceeded with the game.

In the chair game, we had to sit in two groups of chairs. The game was very confusing, but luckily, we had Jeremy to help us. Thank you Jeremy!

  We also played the game called Loop The Hoop,  where we had to hold hands, and loop the hula hoops from one end to the other without letting go.

  We also went to the Atrium and played the sponge game. It was very fun and we all got wet.

  We went to outside of the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) to play the game where we had to splash water at each other.  Luckily, I didn't get too wet.

  Sadly, we didn't get to play the game where we had to slide on the mat and we were all disappointed.

  At the end of the day, our class got third and our prize was some sweets and snacks. At the end of the day, even though we didn't get the first place, I still felt a sense of achievement as we all worked together as a class.

Last day of reflection

Today was the best day out of the three days of orientation.We had an amazing race  which all the classes had to participate.The first game was quite easy but we took a few times to complete the task.We then head on to play a game where we had to find out where the place in the picture was.It was quite easy for us as Arthur knew his place around the school well.Then,we played the game Spongefight against s1 02.The two classes threw sponges at each other but the real main objective was to destroy the opponent's newspaper.In the end,our class won as one of the PSLs saw students from S1 02 moping the floor with our newspaper  and they were disqualified-_-.We went to outside the ISH to play Xtreme RPS.I won for all the rounds and in the end when everyone splashed water at each other,I was not wet at all as I went away from all the action :D.

I would never forget this 3 days of enjoyment I had with my PSLs and my new class mates :D

reflection of last day of orientation

Today was a really interesting and exciting day for most of us since we played the most games today although it may also be the most tiring. We had lots of interesting games and activities such as the amazing race and it also included some games and showdowns such as the sponge fight and extreme RPS,etc. However the most fun game to most of us was probably the sponge fight where we had to only use selected colours of sponges and hit the opponent's newspapers. The team with the wettest newspaper would lose. However since we could not get across to the other team's newspaper in the end we had a showdown where we had no outs and we could just smash our sponges into the opponent's newspaper. However from the other team there was some weirdo from the other class who just tore our newspaper out and started mopping the floor with it. So when the PSLs saw that, they immediately disqualified the other team and we won(Yay!).
In all, the orientation was the best as we had lots of fun and i would give it a rating of ten out of ten!:)

Reflections for the last day of orientation

Today was inarguably the best day of the orientation programme. Our class played lots of games today and I learnt a lot about the different places in SST. I had a lot of fun with my classmates and co-operated well with them during the many games we played such as sponge fight and traffic jam(not sure if that is the actual name).

The lat day of orientation

Today was the most enjoyable day at all.Today we had The Amazing Race and it includes some of the games such as sponge fight,blow it,tap tap and many more.The best game was the sponge fight.We had to throw (wet)sponges at the other class which was our enemy.I did a headshot!!!!!Yes!!!Then we had this 1 minute wear there is no out in the game.So upon hearing that,a boy from the other class came to where our newspaper was.He then took the newspaper and tore it apart and mopped the floor with it.(Weird?????)So we were the winners.Happy happy.Then we got ourselves wet.But i wasn't wet(ok i was wet a little).So to conclude,the orientation was fun.I wish i could give the orientation a ratting of 10 or even a 100.

Last day of orientation

Hey, today was a really tiring day for me,we had a game called the amazing race,had our picture taking and learnt more about teamwork.In the amazing race we played alot of fun games like a sponge battle(we had to throw wet sponges at each other and wet our opponents newspaper to win) in this game i learnt about honesty and sportsmanship a lot of people were hit by a sponge which eliminates them from the game but many people just played on, and when both classes called each other 'loser'. I really think i should reflect about this because i was one of them who called the other case 'loser'.
  For most of the other games we were fine but the last game was probably really wet. We played RPS  and the winner can pour a cup of water over the loser. We went mad and splashed water everywhere and it was really fun!In all i think today was awesome and although i am sad orientation is over i am still happy because our sec 1 life is really beginning.

Reflections-Day 3

              Today,the entire Secondary One cohort participated in an 'amazing race'.We participated in many water games such as sponge battle.It was my favourite game.The objective of the game was to make the opponents' newspaper on the other side wet as we threw wet sponges at it.We competed against other classes.
              Overall I felt that I enjoyed myself the most in today's activities as compared to the previous days.It is a good way to end the 3 day orientation.I made a lot of friends in after the orientation.I would also like to thank the PSLs for helping to make the orientation fun.

the last day reflections!

  Today was, in my opinion, the best of all the three days of orientation. During the photo taking, the photographer had to use water spray to push down my hair for the IC photo without much sucess so it was a bit awkward. However, the highlight of the day was the Amazing race. The first game seemed relatively simple but we only managed to complete it successfully after a few attempts. The most awesome game was the Spongefight. I managed to dodge a few of the sponges thrown at me while picking up the sponges to supply the rest of my classmates. the sponge bomb(we threw multiple wet sponges) was epic! i eventually got it in the face when i bent down to picck up a $1 coin(nooooooooooooooooooo!) I am still glad we won. when playing the xtreme rps, i hardly had water on my shirt even though i ran into the middle of the cup splashing to refill my cup.

I won't forget today! Hope I can give the lessons a fun rating of 10 too.

Last Day Orientation Reflections

Today for Orientation activities the whole Sec 1 Level was an 'amazing race'. This race comprises of many activities like sponge battle or something along the line of that, was very fun the objective was to throw wet sponges at the opponents class and try to get their newspaper wet.
I thought the most crazy and most fun part of the game was when we had no outs when we where hit and both classes went to smear wet sponges on the opponents newspaper which became quite epic.

Overall I thought that that was a good way to end the three day orientation and I thought the peer support leaders to be very friendly and nice to all of us.

So to end it off I really enjoyed Orientation 2014 I hope that normal lessons will be just as fun!

Reflections for Day 3

Today, I had a lot of fun. When I came to SST this morning, I came quite early so I had to spend my time reading book until I was permitted to enter. After assembly, 07 was told that photo taking was commencing shortly. So, I tided my hair and tried to look smart. Then, we had to change to the orientation T-Shirt and the S&W shorts.

After some time, we vaguely got to know some information about the badge night and the rehearsal on Wednesday. Then we were thoroughly briefed about the amazing race. Then we went to the multi purpose hall after Pranav deciphered the letters which were jumbled up. In the MPH, we played three games:Find me, Numbers and a game about the chairs.
In find me, Arthur knew the places and told the names of the places.Good job Arthur! Then in numbers, we worked together to select our register number on the floor. Then in the game about chairs my group was very confused and Jeremy helped us win. After the multi purpose hall, we went to the atrium and played a game about throwing sponges to the opponent team. We played against 02 and they cheated by tearing the newspaper from the chair and "mopped' the extremely wet floor with it. A PSL saw it and so they were disqualified.

After a few more games, we went to the MPH to know our results and we were third in the point system.Hooray!! OUR prize was some biscuits and chocolates. Tomorrow we are starting the admin work. Hope tomorrow goes well. 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Reflection for Day 2

On the second day of orientation, we played games like "Minefield", "Egg Drop" and "High Elements" and were put into groups to complete a project. I felt that all three games require teamwork, communication, trust, cooperation and resilience. The challenges my group and I faced during "minefield" was trying to give direction to the blindfolded person and avoiding other blindfolded classmates that were using the same route(they keep bumping into each other). As for the "Egg Drop", our class has successfully prevented the egg from breaking after throwing it down from the fourth floor. However, I felt that we lacked planning  so not everyone(honestly, including me), knew what was going on. I had a lot of fun during the high elements though(I bet everyone did too). I felt that everyone was very supportive of each other as they cheered for classmates that were frightened or have completed the obstacle. Unfortunately, our behavior was not up to expectations as we did not thank our seniors and the people that have helped us. I felt very ashamed of myself after getting "reprimanded" by one of the seniors as it is very important that we thank them as a form of respect after everything that they have done for us. I won't repeat the same mistake again. I am looking forward to the activities planned on Monday such as the "amazing race". 

My Reflections

The second day of the orientation was fun. I learned that trust was important, in the game "minefield" and also trusting my classmates and friends who were helping us to belay during the high elements. Communication and teamwork was missing when we were playing the egg drop game.
The rope course made me a little scared but after finishing it, I felt a sense of completion. I also understood what kept me going up on the rope course. Overall, I had an enjoyable day.
Reflections (Day 2)

During the second day of orientation, I learnt the importance of teamwork as the high elements
require not only the two people on the course to work with each other to complete the course, the team on the ground have to work with each other to ensure the safety of the people on the course.

Time table!


Today (2nd Day) we played a lot of Ice breaker games and team building games in which we had fun and learnt a lot of information about one other. My favourite one was Drop-the-Egg. The whole class needed to participate in this activity. After lunch, we went to the "High Elements" Course. I learnt a important value from the experience-trust. We had to trust the belayer to hold on to the ropes while we are high up in the sky. As I was not afraid of heights, I looked down to find my friends cheering for me. It was a truly exciting experience for me!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reflection for the second day of orientation

The second day of the orientation was fun.I got to learn a lot of things during that day.In SST,we learnt to work as a class and found victory in some of the things that we had to do.We got to know that we need to have the right values when doing class discussion especially teamwork and communication.Without this two things,nothing is a success.Then we went to the high elements place.There,i only went on the highest high elements.First i was a little scared and decided to try it out at the last but i was the first.When i was do that high element. I fell .Then the PSL asked  me about what are the ropes and all the helpers are in my real lives.I told her that they were my parents,teachers,friends and relatives.They always help me  in my life.But I got to learn a lot of things  during the second day of orientation .

2nd day of orientation

Today, it was the second day of the orientation. I felt that the activities today were more fun and thrilling when compared to the day before. Today, one of the important moral lesson we learnt through the activities was trust. We had to trust our friends in the game `minefield' and even when our friends were helping us to belay during the high elements.

In the`Drop the egg game', we managed to drop the egg from the fourth floor without breaking it. However, I felt like team work and co-operation was missing during the game. Hope it will not be happening again.

During the high elements, Jianing encouraged me throughout the  course. Though I was not scared of heights, the surface was slippery which made me a little nervous.

As a whole, I had a wonderful time today and eagerly waiting for  Monday's activities.

The second day of orientation was very fun.We got to play different types of games.But i felt that some of the class mates including myself did not participate as much as we hope to. We did not get a chance to voice out our ideas,when we were playing the egg game. We were drowned out by others ,but I will try my best to be heard next time.The <mind field> game was very scary as it was based on trust. We have to trust our friends whom we are only beginning to get acquainted. Integrity and honesty were also tested. We had to play by the rules of the game, even when no one was watching. The "High Elements" activity was not for the faint hearted or those who are afraid of heights. Like myself. The acrophobia in me, meant, i did not go first. I was in fact the last to go, after witnessing my friends completion. my friend Megan and I, overcame our fears and successfully completed the obstacles. When done, we felt accomplished as we thought that we could not make it at the inception. When we got back to school, we got a scolding from a PSL. He reprimanded all the Secondary One students for showing lack of respect to the trainers and that we were unruly and ill-disciplined,as some of us kicked the gravels. I felt that as a whole, the new secondary one students did not expressed their full respect and gratitude to the PSL who have been hard at work to make this orientation a success. I for one needs to make up for this in the coming days. After the debrief, there are a few things i want to improve. Namely, punctuality, responsibility, and discipline.

second day of orientation [reflections]

Hi!I feel that the second day was much more fun and exciting day for me as compared to day one. I also got to know my classmates more in the activities. I learnt that teamwork and trust is very important. Lets take the game ' minefield ' as an example. If we do not trust our partner, we would have failed the task.

However, I feel that in the ' drop the egg game ' , not everyone was given the chance to participate. Let alone voice out our ideas. I think that we should all be split into smaller groups so that there would be a chance for everybody to take part.

In the high elements, I had fun in what I believe was the ' 12 meter above ground course ' that the instructors was talking about. I did not have any fear of heights, but perhaps it is because of the wind that made it scary. I was up in the course with Arthur , and i think both of us did pretty well as both of us completed the course together.

However, I learnt that while having fun, we should not neglect the respect for our PSLs and disregard what they tell us to do. Take throwing the pebbles as an instance. Our PSLs told us to stop but we did not, causing us to be scolded in the ISH.

Overall, I think that it is quite a fun day, but we can behave better on the third day.

Stanley Yeo

Reflections for 2nd day of orientation

The 2nd day's activities were quite interesting. We played a game called minefield. That game was for us to trust our partner who led us through an obstacle course only by using their voice. If we did not trust our partner, we would go by our own instincts and fail the activity. Then, we played egg drop. It required us to drop an egg from the 4th story to the 1st without cracking. That was very fun as we used most of our resources to drop the egg to the 1st floor without cracking and it was an achievement to us as our idea was very bad. Lastly, the high elements. That was the activity that tired me out but was fun. Being a belayer is no joke as the person on the high elements life is in your hands. When I was doing the high elements with Asher, I was so scared my whole body trembled but with Asher's companionship I managed to calm down a little and complete the course.
Overall, I learnt from the 2nd day that trust and teamwork is very important.

Day 2 Reflection

I had a lot of fun at the high elements and I was very happy during the Egg Drop because my and my friends' ideas worked very well. I hope I can make more friends in this new school.

Reflections for exciting day2

  Today was much more exciting to me compared to yesterday✌️. The egg drop was an interesting game. I was glad the egg did not break. However, during the process, some of us were left out. I agree with Stanley's suggestion: share our ideas in smaller groups. I had a really great time when doing the high elements although I did feel scared as I ascended the metal rungs taking me 5 metres above ground. I was glad that I managed to conquer the high elements with limited mobility in the end.
However, after the high elements, I went under the shelter and lepak. We amused ourselves by throwing pebbles on top of the shelter to hear"rain"even when our PSL told us not to do that. Although I had a lot of fun overall, I should have behaved better.
I'm in!! Lol.

Reflections on second day of orientation

On the second day of orientation, we played many games such as egg drop and minefield. From this activities, I learnt that trusting each other is very important and even if life is not perfect, we should continue on and enjoy life.
I feel that we should have co-operated better instead of not listening to one another and doing what we think was the best idea.

Friday, 3 January 2014

2nd day reflection

Today,we played more games and went out for high elements. We played quite a few games such as "Drop the egg" and "Minefield". For the "Drop the egg" game,I felt that we didn't cooperate enough and didn't discuss a strategy before working out how to protect the egg from breaking. Some of us didn't really get to be involved. At first I thought we wouldn't succeed as all we did was wrap newspaper around the egg.After that we placed the egg in a bag with balloons and another garbage bag filled with air.Well,we managed to succeeded.After that we went out for high elements.It was quite fun overall.

2nd day orientation

Today was even more fun then yesterday, our class had more opportunities to bond and have fun at the same time,but today we learned the importance of respecting our elders,teachers,classmates and PSLs. we did many fun activities like using materials to make an egg not crack when dropped from the 5th(or is it 4th?) floor.On that particular activity the boys did not really let the girls take part in it.I feel that as a class we must work together be it girls or boys and get together well.
  Another activity that i liked was the high elements, i had a little fear of heights but in the end i conquered it.In this activity we must trust our friends a lot as our lives are in their hands when they help us belay or vice versa, i regretted playing a fool and kicking the rocks while helping to belay and not being serious so that resulted in us getting reprimanded.
  To sum all this up we need to be safe and show more respect next time, I hope we would learn more and have fun next Monday.

2nd day SST Orientation

                Today, we had many more class bonding and team building activities and I had a lot of fun, but I think that even when we are having fun, we should also take note of our behaviour  and show respect to our classmates, elders, and PSLs.  My favourite game is the high elements. It was a little scary at the start but after doing it for a while, it felt more and more exciting. My partner and I worked together and we could complete the course pretty quick. Overall, I enjoyed myself and hope that the 3rd day of SST Orientation would be even better.

Reflections for 2nd day

Today was just as interesting and exciting as the first day although there were some unexpected unfortunate events that happened at the end.
We played quite a few games such as "Drop the egg" and "minefield" and also participated in the high elements. I preferred the high elements and "minefield" as we managed to demonstrate teamwork although it was tough trying to do so as we had to pull the strings to prevent the people up there from falling and we also had to spot them when they were coming down. As for the game "minefield", we had to get into pairs and then blindfold one person and then direct him to the other end with only communicating through words. So, we had a lot of fun trying to tell our pairs where to go and getting the message across.
However at the end of the day when we were back at ISH, we had gotten reprimanded as we had forgotten to show respect when we were at the high elements venue and some of us were playing with the rocks on the floor and just walking around. After today, we had learnt that we must have respect for others around our school, especially the teachers and PSLs.

Day 2 of Orientation Reflections

Today the event Planned was a team bonding High Elements Activities. When it was our turn to go up to the course we had to pick a partner to go up with and complete the course together.

So when it was my turn to tackle the course it was a bridge made of few wooden planks and held together by a metal cable I was well, scared as I had a fear of heights when I was young. Well... not really I don't know if it is the same thing but I'm just afraid to fall.

When my partner and I were up high in the course I of course felt teriffied but even so I tried to take one step by one step but halfway along the bridge, I was asked to stop and wait for him but once I stop I was more scared than ever because I was unstable and was shaking the bridge. However when my partner caught up and held my shoulders the bridge became stable and I found that that was the reason that we made it to the end.

After My Partner and I completed the circuit, I had a great sense of achievement as I would usually not complete the course. When my class's PSL debriefed us and the blayers and thing she said caught my attention

"You know that the course and the participants actually mean something?"
"You represents you and the bridge represents the journey of life where there will be ups which are the parts of the bridge that were easy to walk on and the downs in life which are the gaps in the bridge. You must preservere to the and but you will reach your goal (end of the course) faster or smoother with the help of your partner which represents your friends/family or your own strong will to support you till the end. The blayers are like your friends which are there only when you most need them (when you fall of the course) and protect you."
I found that that was my takeaway from that day of Orientation

My Reflections-Day 2

            Today we played many icebreaker games.I had a lot of fun.I enjoyed the game Drop the Egg the most.However,not the entire class was participating and some of us did not get the chance to share our ideas.I felt that the class could have improved on the planning and the sharing of ideas while doing teamwork. I also enjoyed the high elements thoroughly.I learnt that being respectful to our seniors and teachers is extremely important.

Reflection for day 2

Today we went for high elements.We were suppose to go on the course in pairs.I managed to complete the course with ease because I love doing the high elements.My partner could also complete the course easily so we finished it quickly.I hope we will have more fun on Monday :)

Day 2 At School

We had a lot of team-building games. The best was the minefield. While playing the Drop the Egg game, not everyone were participating. Some of us were not able to share our ideas. I feel that the PSLs could have planned out better. The high elements was a well planned out event. I would have preferred it if the event was longer.

Our behavior was not acceptable. We kicked and threw the rocks. We did not give respect to the PSLs. I wish on Monday we would behave better and respect others when they are talking.

My Reflections For Day 2 Of Orientation

  Today was fun and I learnt about supporting my friends and helping them.

  During the game Minefield, when my partner was putting the blindfold, I was accidentally hit by a fellow classmate. He apologised to me after. I felt that he and I could have been more careful. To play the game, we had to be in pairs. One of us had to be blindfolded, while the other had to guide the blindfolded one through an obstacle course made with chairs and tables. During the game, my partner kept bumping into the table and we had to keep restarting. I felt that it was my fault as I kept saying turn left and right and I was talking very fast, she could not understand what I was saying.

  During the game Dropping The Egg, we were supposed to drop an egg from four stories high but not let it break. As soon as the PSL told us to start, everyone immediately rushed to the materials and started to give ideas. It was chaos. Only a few of the boys had idea of what we were doing, and they immediately started wrapping the egg in newspaper. Another group of boys started talking about their own idea, and also did their own things. I was holding the roll of masking tape and I was confused as everyone was talking at the same time. I noticed that some of my classmates were not doing anything.  I think that as friends and classmates we should include one another and not leave anyone out. Another thing is that even though the PSLs told us to include everybody, we did not listen. I feel that we should have listened to them and shown some more respect. On the bright side, the egg did not break and I felt a sense of achievement.

  I also learned about trust as my partner and I were doing the element, I trusted her to go slowly. I was also scared as the steps were very wobbly, but I trusted that my partner would not slip. Also, I trusted my classmates who were belaying that they would not let me fall. I think that my behaviour was okay. I think that this activity is useful and and I look forward to the next day of orientation!

  Also, if any of the PSLs are reading this, I am sorry if you think that I have not shown you any respect today. I would like to thank you for taking care of us and giving us instructions and making sure that we were safe.

Jianing :-)

Reflections for Day 2

On day 2 of my life on SST, there were some ups and downs. I loved the part where we played the mine field. I had to coordinate with my partner,Santosh, as I was blindfolded and Santosh had to tell me where to go.

Next I loved the "Drop the egg" because we had to work together and figure out an plan not to make the egg crack when it is dropped from the 4th storey, but some of the students including me did not have the chance to voice our ideas. I think what the PSLs should do is split us up into groups and we can have more space to voice our ideas.

After that, we went to the high elements and Yong Xiao(I am not sure if i spelt it correctly) and I went together on the first course and we were set with a challenge and because of that we were the fastest. Then, when we reached the school, ISH we were given an unexpected reprimanding although I did not throw pebbles, i did not give respect to my fellow classmates and PSLs. 

Overall, i think that i could have given respect to everyone.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Reflection For Day 1

I had fun during the ice breakers and station games that were planned for us today. It really helped everyone get to know each other better and I got to make some new friends. Most of the games were to strengthen and exercise our teamwork, patience and integrity. The teachers and PSLs did a great job at planning the games and leading/guiding us from station to station. However I have to admit, some games were really awkward(especially since we barely know each other), like the fold the mat and pass the ball with a spoon games. On the other hand, we could have been more enthusiastic and participate more in order to make the games more enjoyable. Now that we know each other better, I believe that we can do better in being more enthusiastic tomorrow in the high-elements, which I am really looking forward to. -Sharmela C.S.

My Reflections For Day 1 Of Orientation

Today was fun and i learned as we did a lot of activities. i learned that all of us must participate actively, or we will not enjoy it. i made many new friends today and i hope that i will make more in more years to come!

First Day At School

Today we had a lot of activities lined-up for us. They were challenging. However, some activities were like impossible to do such as flip the mat and the game which we pass the ball using the spoons. Most of the activities involve teamwork.

I had a lot of fun today. I managed to make some friends. Hopefully we can get a more of these fun games tomorrow.


I learned much stuff today. I got to know more of my classmates through the games and made some new friends. It was a fun experience. Through the games, I learned how important it is to plan headstart and have teamwork to accomplish the task given. At the end of the day I was tired yet happy. I hope that in the future days to come, I will have as much fun as today with my classmates. Can't wait for tomorrow's "High Elements"!

day 1 reflection

I find the games we did today fun and interesting.The games emphasised teamwork and taught us that planing is a crucial part when playing a game.Particularly if you want to win! The skills that were taught through the games and ice breakers are important life skills that we should not forget. The most important of which is teamwork. This is exemplified through the flip the mat game. Today I forged new friendships and had fun with my new acquaintances. I hope that i can know this class better in the next few days .I hope that the "High Elements" will be fun tomorrow.

Sarah Phua

My Reflections

Today, I have learned many stuff today. While doing group works,  we should do it as a team and plan before we execute our plan. We have to plan as it helps us in save time, do the work in an orderly manner. Most importantly,  I learnt that communication is important as the way we communicate affects other people and ourselves. I also learned that sacrificing something earns us a victory.

I had made a some friends. Today I had a very fun and enjoying day.

Reflections of the first day of orientation

Today was a fun filled day for me, i got to meet so many other people and play so many games,in all this i learnt that we have to work together as a team to get anything done but some of the games like helium was really quite hard,we were in such a crowded area and all of us were trying to keep our finger on the metal pole and everyone was pushing the pole up with their own speed so it was quite hard to complete it. I also learnt that we need to have integrity and restart the game helium if our finger slips from the pole or the when the pole is at anyone time not parallel to the ground.we also lacked time management in the game where we pass the ball using the spoons that were in our mouth but even after all this we were still happy and cheerful and some of us tired.

Overall i think it was very enjoyable day for me and i hope for the rest of the orientation we would get to know each other better and also overcome the obstacles together.

Reflections of 1st day of orientation

Today's activity was fun and interesting, there were many team bonding games and games that made us know each other better. I learnt that in a team time management, teamwork and communication is very important. Certain activities are required to be completed in a certain time limit, so if we manage our time well, cooperate with each other and communicate with each other properly, the activity would be completed as fast as possible. The game, "helium stick", which required us to use one of our finger to lift a metallic pole up, but keep the pole parallel to the ground, was quite challenging but after a few tries we managed to complete the activity.
Overall, today's activities were fun, and I hope that tomorrow's High Elements will be as fun as today's activities.

first day of school( reflections )

Hi! I think that today was a very fun-filled day today and the activities were quite interesting. Although we had some difficulties during the activities ( eg. the flipping the mat game, the passing the ping-pong ball with the spoon in the mouth game. )

However, I think that our class was not participating actively. I think that because it is the first day of school, we were all quite sleepy as I think that during the holidays, nobody will wake up so early. ( who will wake up 6 am in the morning? )

From all of today's activities, I learnt that teamwork is very important. For example, if we had work together to come up with a plan, we would have had completed the "mat" activity. Another thing I learnt is also the time concept. If we had watch the time closer, we would have also completed the ping-pong ball activity. However, I think that it was rather awkward to be with a person in the games that I hardly know.

Overall, I think that it is still an enjoyable day for me. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Stanley Yeo

Reflections of 1st day

After todays activities, I've made more friends as well as learning the importance of teamwork.We could have been more enthusiastic though(including me).I really hope that more fun will come on Day 2;)

My reflections

From today's activity,I learnt that we need to work together as a team and discuss a strategy before working on something in order to succeed.I also learnt that we need to sacrifice something in order to achieve something else.Time management is also very important.We need to plan our time wisely to complete something on time or within the time limit given.Games are meant to be fun but safety is also very important.When we are playing games,we must mind our own and others safety too,and try our very best not to hit the sports equipments with too much force as we might injure others accidentally.

Overall I find that the games planned for us today was very fun and I really enjoyed myself.Hope tomorrow's  <High Elements> would be fun too. :)

Reflections for 1st day

Today's activities were really exciting as there were many icebreakers and games for us to get to know each other more. Although it was difficult for us to get to know each other's names at first, we slowly started to get to know each other more through the various games and as we worked together. I also learnt that we had to have teamwork in order to succeed and complete the games in time. We also learnt to have patience and other values as the other games such as "flip the mat" and "helium stick" required lots of patience and teamwork. However, I am glad that we managed to have fun through the games even though we were not able to complete some of them in time.

Overall, it was an enriching experience and i look forward to tomorrow's high elements and other activities.

My Reflections For The 1st Day of Orientation

The first day of orientation was extremely fun. The activities has taught me many thing values in subtile ways at the same time had great impact on me and has taught me many values such as respect, self-control, teamwork and communicating with my peers.

I find that the school's great emphasis on punctuality weather is it homework or reaching school is great in cultivating the habit of being on time and being responsible.

Thats all I have to say for now I hope high elements would be fun.
Jeremy Sim

My Reflections

      After today's activities,I have learnt that planning and teamwork are extremely important when it comes to icebreakers and group activities.Planning helps us to save a lot of time as everything is worked out in an orderly manner,allowing the group to finish the assignment in the given time.Teamwork enables the class or group to finish the allocated task more efficiently as the group works together and communicates instructions quickly.

My reflections

After today's activities, I learnt planning and sacrificing for victory is very important. In the "standing on the other side of the mat" game, I learnt that we should plan thoroughly before we immerse in any game or challenge. 

I believe that we can be more enthusiastic than today. I believe that because today is the first day of school, everyone is quite sleepy from waking up early today. To be honest, I was quite sleepy from waking up early. I believe that we could have pushed to our full potential and participate in a more enthusiastic manner. 

In the ice-breaking activities, I learnt my classmates' names and hobbies. It was quite awkward for me because it takes probably about 1 week or so to settle in the new environment let alone remembering names.

Overall I think that today was a enjoyable day for me and i hope that tomorrow will be an enjoyable day.

Reflections of 1st day

After today's activities, I feel that we should be more enthu(including me) and contribute more openly in order to successfully complete a task. I learnt that we should take more risks(eg. the mat game. when i jumped, i was worried that i would push someone out of the mat but i did not).

My Reflections

I have learnt that planning before doing anything is important as we only have the limited amount of time to complete a task.Sacrificing something to earn victory in every task.Then we to communicate with each other or else we cannot finish the task. In my opinion our class should have discussed a plan before doing the task

My Reflections

I have learnt that teamwork is very important and we have to work together to succeed. I also learnt that sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit now and then and that you need good communication skills(eg. before you do something with a team, you have to create a strategy together and stick to it).
I think that we should've created a strategy discussed and agreed by everyone before trying each activity.