Thursday, 2 January 2014

Reflections of the first day of orientation

Today was a fun filled day for me, i got to meet so many other people and play so many games,in all this i learnt that we have to work together as a team to get anything done but some of the games like helium was really quite hard,we were in such a crowded area and all of us were trying to keep our finger on the metal pole and everyone was pushing the pole up with their own speed so it was quite hard to complete it. I also learnt that we need to have integrity and restart the game helium if our finger slips from the pole or the when the pole is at anyone time not parallel to the ground.we also lacked time management in the game where we pass the ball using the spoons that were in our mouth but even after all this we were still happy and cheerful and some of us tired.

Overall i think it was very enjoyable day for me and i hope for the rest of the orientation we would get to know each other better and also overcome the obstacles together.

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