Sunday, 5 January 2014

Reflection for Day 2

On the second day of orientation, we played games like "Minefield", "Egg Drop" and "High Elements" and were put into groups to complete a project. I felt that all three games require teamwork, communication, trust, cooperation and resilience. The challenges my group and I faced during "minefield" was trying to give direction to the blindfolded person and avoiding other blindfolded classmates that were using the same route(they keep bumping into each other). As for the "Egg Drop", our class has successfully prevented the egg from breaking after throwing it down from the fourth floor. However, I felt that we lacked planning  so not everyone(honestly, including me), knew what was going on. I had a lot of fun during the high elements though(I bet everyone did too). I felt that everyone was very supportive of each other as they cheered for classmates that were frightened or have completed the obstacle. Unfortunately, our behavior was not up to expectations as we did not thank our seniors and the people that have helped us. I felt very ashamed of myself after getting "reprimanded" by one of the seniors as it is very important that we thank them as a form of respect after everything that they have done for us. I won't repeat the same mistake again. I am looking forward to the activities planned on Monday such as the "amazing race". 

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