Friday, 3 January 2014

2nd day orientation

Today was even more fun then yesterday, our class had more opportunities to bond and have fun at the same time,but today we learned the importance of respecting our elders,teachers,classmates and PSLs. we did many fun activities like using materials to make an egg not crack when dropped from the 5th(or is it 4th?) floor.On that particular activity the boys did not really let the girls take part in it.I feel that as a class we must work together be it girls or boys and get together well.
  Another activity that i liked was the high elements, i had a little fear of heights but in the end i conquered it.In this activity we must trust our friends a lot as our lives are in their hands when they help us belay or vice versa, i regretted playing a fool and kicking the rocks while helping to belay and not being serious so that resulted in us getting reprimanded.
  To sum all this up we need to be safe and show more respect next time, I hope we would learn more and have fun next Monday.

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