Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Last day of orientation's reflections

The last day of orientation was quite fun. We played "Amazing Race", a compilation of different games. In the Multi Purpose Hall, we played 3 games. We played a game to know the school better as the game required us to identify spots in the school. We played another game which required us to use our brain. Jeremy did a very good job on the strategy of the game. We had to move ourselves to a flipped position which was quite challenging to the other group but with some help the problem was solved. The third game required us to touch numbers in a boundary where only one person can enter at a time. The game required us to complete it in the shortest time possible. We restarted the game several times but soon we got the hang of the game and completed in a very short time. Then we played a game which needs us to throw sponges at the opposition team's newspaper. It was really funny as when we had no boundaries, the opposition team took our team's newspaper and used it to "mop" the floor. In the end our team won, due to their disqualification. Lastly, we played Xtreme RPS. We played rock paper scissors then the winner splashes the cup of water at his opponent. I was drenched but the game was enjoyable.
Overall, the last day of orientation was fun, and I am inspired to be a PSL who helps out at Sec 1's orientation.

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