Friday, 3 January 2014

My Reflections For Day 2 Of Orientation

  Today was fun and I learnt about supporting my friends and helping them.

  During the game Minefield, when my partner was putting the blindfold, I was accidentally hit by a fellow classmate. He apologised to me after. I felt that he and I could have been more careful. To play the game, we had to be in pairs. One of us had to be blindfolded, while the other had to guide the blindfolded one through an obstacle course made with chairs and tables. During the game, my partner kept bumping into the table and we had to keep restarting. I felt that it was my fault as I kept saying turn left and right and I was talking very fast, she could not understand what I was saying.

  During the game Dropping The Egg, we were supposed to drop an egg from four stories high but not let it break. As soon as the PSL told us to start, everyone immediately rushed to the materials and started to give ideas. It was chaos. Only a few of the boys had idea of what we were doing, and they immediately started wrapping the egg in newspaper. Another group of boys started talking about their own idea, and also did their own things. I was holding the roll of masking tape and I was confused as everyone was talking at the same time. I noticed that some of my classmates were not doing anything.  I think that as friends and classmates we should include one another and not leave anyone out. Another thing is that even though the PSLs told us to include everybody, we did not listen. I feel that we should have listened to them and shown some more respect. On the bright side, the egg did not break and I felt a sense of achievement.

  I also learned about trust as my partner and I were doing the element, I trusted her to go slowly. I was also scared as the steps were very wobbly, but I trusted that my partner would not slip. Also, I trusted my classmates who were belaying that they would not let me fall. I think that my behaviour was okay. I think that this activity is useful and and I look forward to the next day of orientation!

  Also, if any of the PSLs are reading this, I am sorry if you think that I have not shown you any respect today. I would like to thank you for taking care of us and giving us instructions and making sure that we were safe.

Jianing :-)

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