Thursday, 2 January 2014

first day of school( reflections )

Hi! I think that today was a very fun-filled day today and the activities were quite interesting. Although we had some difficulties during the activities ( eg. the flipping the mat game, the passing the ping-pong ball with the spoon in the mouth game. )

However, I think that our class was not participating actively. I think that because it is the first day of school, we were all quite sleepy as I think that during the holidays, nobody will wake up so early. ( who will wake up 6 am in the morning? )

From all of today's activities, I learnt that teamwork is very important. For example, if we had work together to come up with a plan, we would have had completed the "mat" activity. Another thing I learnt is also the time concept. If we had watch the time closer, we would have also completed the ping-pong ball activity. However, I think that it was rather awkward to be with a person in the games that I hardly know.

Overall, I think that it is still an enjoyable day for me. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Stanley Yeo

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