Friday, 11 July 2014

Strategies to tackle class issues

Key Problems affecting learning within class:
-Use of vulgarities in class
-Use of handphones and LDs in class
-Discrimination of race
-Disruption of class
-Use of vulgarities on whatsapp
-Arguments on social media


1.Anyone who does the above will be sent out of class
2.Anyone who does the above will be fined - money to go to class fund
3.More homework for those who do any of the above forms of action
4.People who use vulgarities will be banned from the class group
5.Bullying to be reported
6.LDs to be placed inside bags during class
7.Writing reflections
8.Use broadcast lists instead of having a class group


  1. Actually TBH racism doesn't affect our learning(opinion)

  2. yea Asher but maybe it might affect the class as a whole (opinion as well) :)