Sunday, 13 July 2014


Strategies to tackle class issues (FIXED)

Key Problems affecting learning within class:

-Use of vulgarities in class Yup problem that should be solved but you can't expect immediate results. The usage should decrease but slowly cause you know how our class is.

-Use of handphones and LDs in class Yes it is a key problem but the way it is phrased is very general, when you state this rule, you are implying that the LD and mobile phones are ILLEGAL in class (AKA Contraband). Instead you should say that LD's and Mobile phones can't be used for gaming purposes or irrelevant uses in class. 
BUT they can use it to do their work (as defined by EXCO) during the break in periods.

-Discrimination of race It is not a key problem that affects learning, actually its hardly problem present in the class. Granted that there are moments that we say rasist things but my definition of being racist is that when you say something offensive to the other race, you are serious. But most of the time when we say these things, 1. The other party is hardly affected. 2. WE'RE NOT SERIOUS (Racism is bad but you are using the term too loosely)

-Disruption of class Agreed

-Use of vulgarities on whatsapp Yes it is a problem but it is not within class time, yes it is bad I agree but it does not affect learning, the most that can happen is that the person leaves the group and don't know what's going on. Another point is that, Class S1-07, you don't be like leaving the group and then later you wanted to be added back, YOU WILL WANT TO LEAVE AGAIN TRUST ME. When you leave commit to it, it's better. (I have done it)

-Arguments on social media Ehhhh..... You guys serious ah???? You all very petty like that also wanna complain, solution is that the EXCO steps in, EXCO, guys, come on you all should be the peacekeepers of the group, settle the disputes without force and aggressive terms. 

-Bullying Guys tell me in the comments or in person how many times has this happened and who were involved. But guys, really, unless the insult is really offensive to you or if he/she uses physical force, suck it up. Don't let them affect you and how self esteem. LET THEM HATERS HATE.
If any of you are getting bullied, you can go to the teacher or if your friend is in the EXCO then tell the EXCO, we'll tell the teacher for you.


1.Anyone who does the above will be sent out of class Agreed, that is legit.

2.Anyone who does the above will be fined - money to go to class fund Nonsense I don't believe in this method cause basically you being a freaking tyrant, EXCO if you come up with this right, I don't support cause some students may not have the financial ability to pay up. 

3.More homework for those who do any of the above forms of action Not practical, too much work to go and get extra stuff for punishment, some more also need to determine which subject. REJECTED SOLUTION

4.People who use vulgarities will be banned from the class group See this solution I like, but admins please for the sake of all good things, don't add that guy back cause the outcome is going to be the same, you ban him/her, make sure the person is never added back.

5.Bullying to be reported K.

6.LDs to be placed inside bags during class Also agreed

7.Writing reflections No problem but must be firm on due date and length of reflection.

8.Use broadcast lists instead of having a class group Well then we might as well delete whatsapp and use messaging (Were you high when you made this rule??)


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  2. Jeremy Whatsapp is cheaper and just requires internet

  3. And btw I am not high -_-