Saturday, 12 April 2014

New Homework Posting Policy

    Hi S1-07, as the Exco mentioned in class, there will be a new homework posting policy that officially takes effect FROM MONDAY ( 14th April 2014 ) . 

Here are the details:

1) Homework must be posted by 6pm.In an event you have legitimate reasons and for people with CCA on that particular day,please swap with someone else and do not forget to post for him/her when it is their turn.You may swap with another person in class.Please do so via whatsapp or any other means. (In an event where there is a last minute swap/change,there is NO NEED to inform the Exco IMMEDIATELY,but please do so on the same day.)

2) Homework should include the page number( if applicable ) and the dateline.

3)In an event where homework is not posted by anyone on the specific day, it would be taken that the person supposed to post the homework did not post the homework.If you have swapped with someone else on that day,that person will be taken responsible PROVIDED that you can show that you have taken the steps to inform him/her.

4)In an event where the homework is not posted by 6pm, the person responsible for posting the homework will be required to post the homework for another 2 days.

5) Should you not post the homework for more than 2 times consecutively, your name will be taken down.Action will be taken against anyone who has their name taken down 2 or more times.

6)Anyone who has legitimate reasons must inform the Exco by 3 p.m.(Including Monday) through any means.

7)This homework policy is only tentative and can be changed should there be any loopholes.It also subjects to change if the class objects to it.


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  1. This is much better than the last one...