Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Homework- 20 May 2014

Science:    ~ Do `worksheet 06: Energy'   (Due: After June holidays)

                 ~ Do `Homework 5: Energy'    (Due: After June Holidays)   
           ~  Do `Additional Questions- Moment'  (Due: After June Holidays)

       ~ Do `additional Questions- forces'    (Due: After June Holidays)

  • Maths:    ~ Do `6.6 stem and leaf diagrams'   (Due: Tomorrow)

                ~ Do `percentage assignment booklet'    (Due: After june holidays)

               ~ Do `percentage notes'    (Due: After june holidays)

  • IH: ~ Watch the video `6 degrees to change the world' And answer the questions (in your evernote) :-
                                -  What have I learnt?
                                -   How do I feel?
                                -   What can you do?            

  • English:   ~  Do comprehension ws which is on google drive. Print out and annotate every paragraph. (i.e. Note down the main idea of each paragraph, highlight words/phrases which aids your understanding of the paragraph)  (Due: After june holidays)

* Those who did not collect the GIRO form from Ms Adele, please do so tomorrow.