Thursday, 6 March 2014

Homework 06/03/2014



Due date

ADMT Complete your journal and post your latest logo on edmodo if you want Ms Seah to comment on .  Tomorrow
MATHS *Group work Tomorrow
SCIENCE  *Science worksheet on sexual Reproduction and the brochure on contraception  The brochure is tomorrow 2359. The ws is next week
ENGLISH Finish the timothy winters drawing
Not sure but I think do by tomorrow is better
IH Finish the reports on the Dolphins and the one on the Degar Montargnard Tomorrow
I&E Put the slides on Blog and if you have questions post it under comments Today
S&W *Wear S&W tomorrow -NIL-
*means reminder


  1. I can only say one word 'Beautiful'

  2. Very well organised Santosh. Great job. Hope our class follows your format.Thanks for your hard work

  3. Gd Job Santosh. N yea, the Timothy Winters is due tmr