Thursday, 27 February 2014


IRS: Use P.E.S.T.E(political, economic,social,technology and environmental) to improve your IRS mindmap or project-> hand up on next IRS lesson
ADMT: Submission of ADMT journal on 7th March
              Save your original logo as PXD then save as Jpeg
No S&W tomorrow and no ICT on Monday. Next I and E lesson on the I and E on I and E room.
Bring  macbook, writing material and notebook to I and E room next week.
I and E presentation must have 4 slides: Attribute listing, ALoU, pictures and design and Design.
English: Do the inferential question worksheet and 1 inferential question in Chinese Cinderella Worksheet. hand up on next Monday

Science:Go to link in page 10 and answer 2 questions into page 10.